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I would like to advise you that I am so happy with the girls that I purchased from you.
They are very well trained, mild mannered and so very loving.
They have been a true blessing to our household and have brought so much joy and love into our lives.
Their temperament is superior as well as their health.
I would recommend that anyone looking for a great companion and healthy well natured dog, to look at your collies, as they are well loved and taken care of.
Please see the pictures attached of my girls.
Susan Elms



    My family and I wish to extend a heartfelt and grateful thank you to 
Susan of Harmonic Collies for our wonderful new addition to our family,
a beautiful sable merle girl named Lucky!!  Our family had the great
pleasure of having our first collie, an impressive blue merle collie
named Muffy Girl for almost fourteen years...when she passed away last
fall we were grief stricken.  When we felt ready to have a new puppy 
come into our family it was extremely important to us that our new puppy
would come from a reputable breeder so as to ensure a healthy and
well-adjusted puppy could be part of our family for a very long time. 
What impressed us most with Harmonic Collies is that there was a careful
selection process for people inquiring about a new puppy.  It made an
impression because I believe that if Harmonic Collies was that cautious
about who would be taking home a puppy, it meant that the same if not
more attention and diligence was put into the breeding and care of the
puppy who we would be bringing into our home.  It is extremely easy to

go anywhere and with only a proper sum of money obtain the dog that you
wish, but are you really confident about environment that it came
from??  I know that for our family that was not an option.  Susan has
proven beyond a doubt to be a respectful breeder  who wants to preserve
the integrity of the breed and we are very confident and lucky to be
able to have our new puppy come from her home.  Our puppy is not only
extremely beautiful, but also healthy, confident and has a calm and
friendly disposition, which indicates not only careful breeding but also
a loving and nurturing environment.  Once again, we are very fortunate
to be able to have our new Lucky come from Harmonic Collies
and I
forward to continuing our relationship with Susan as our puppy girl
grows and develops!!!


Dave, Nina, Rebecca, Aidan and Emma Schindler-Wood
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *   
*  *  *
Our family would like to share some special thoughts about our experience with Susan, Harmonic Collies and our handsome new puppy named
From the time we first contacted Susan after visiting here website, we were immediately impressed with her desire to answer all our questions and to learn about our search for a family pet.  My husband had grown up with arough collie and we had always hoped to welcome one of these gentle-natured and faithful dogs into our home.  As Susan states on her Harmonic website, a dog is truly a "lifetime commitment".  We quickly sensed her deep devotion to the breed and her concern in finding loving "forever homes"for the entire litter.
Through a carefully conducted screening process, Susan was able to determine if our family and her puppies would be a good match!  We had tried to contact numerous breeders before we discovered Harmonic Collies and are so grateful that our journey led us to Susan in Burlington. 
She was the only breeder that invited us to her home immediately.  It was very important to us that a new  puppy be comfortable with our children.  We found that most breeders required a deposit, sight unseen, before any type of meeting could occur with a family. 
We thank Susan so much for understanding our concern with bonding between a puppy and child.  She made the entire experience for our young son very special and comforting.
Our new family member, Lance is an intelligent, confident and loving puppy.  There is no doubt in our minds that Susan's careful breeding practices have produced exceptional rough collies at Harmonic.
We have great respect for her extensive knowledge of the breed and her commitment to the future lineage of the collies at Harmonic.
In a very short time, Lance has established himself so deeply into our lives.
We sincerely thank Susan for providing our family with such a special puppy and look forward to her continued interest and support in the days ahead.
Best wishes always, 
The Miller Family,
  Randy and Carol - Mark and Michael.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * *
After looking around for quite a while, I am glad I found Harmonic Collies.
I had found other breeders, but they were more concerned with me having the money~rather than me having a proper loving home for my puppy Sam!
Meeting Susan, I knew right off the bat that I had found a fantasic breeder that wasn't a puppy mill, breeding dogs just for profit.  She took time to get to know me, and for me to get to know her.  I also appreciate the fact that any questions, and concerns I had, Susan was MORE than willing to take the time with me to address those concerns, even long after I took Sam home.
My hopes in finding a properly bred Collie was one that was fantastic with everyone, kind and gentle, smart and agile, and fantastic with kids.
Boy! did I ever get a Collie with all those qualities!  I am so very happy with his temperment and his personality around everyone.
I had a Collie growing up  who was the best companion when I was a child.  I have a lot of fond memories of him.  My worry was finding a Collie that was as great as he was that was bred and raised in a loving home.
He has been fantastic to to train.  He has learned sit, stay, shake, lay down, stop, (great on walks) all LITERALLY within 5 minutes each.
I honestly can't believe how fast he is learning and growing!
I've had to take pictures weekly!  The changes in his size and feathers seems to happen weekly in leaps and bounds.
He has also filled a void I had in my life, for a true friend and companion.  He's happy to see me in the morning and we have a great time playing before he goes to bed.  He's extremely loyal, and listens very well.
I can't Thank Harmonic Collies enough for the continued support and contact!
If anyone is looking for a QUALITY breeder that stands behind their puppies, rather than looking at your wallet~look no further.
I honestly couldn't be happier.
Thank you Susan for everything!
Ron and Sam, Niagara Falls Ontario
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 * * *



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